About eDladleni Restaurant

The purpose of eDladleni Restaurant is to kindle interest in our indigenous foods. Through the carefully chosen dishes on our menu we are exploring and elevating the possibilities of our local crops. Our intention is to encourage the cultivation and preparation of local produce with its myriad of essential vitamins and medicinal qualities. In doing so we aim to empower and feed our people based on their existing indigenous knowledge systems. Promoting the cultivation of local crops will empower local farmers by providing a steady market for their produce. As producers and consumers, each one of us has choices. In the spirit of Ubuntu, we must realise the power of our decisions. Together, our actions can turn around the threat to our biodiversity and livelihoods. eDladleni is more than a restaurant. It is a delicious tribute to the indigenous crops of eSwatini and a reminder that we can feed ourselves and that this is a land of bounty.